What is Calisthenics/Street Workout?

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Are they the same? What's the difference?

Nowadays it's super popular to stay fit and do fitness.

A lot of people have memberships in the gym and go there on the daily basis striving to be in a better shape. But is that a really good and effective way to develop an overall strength just going to the gym and doing weights and machine exercises? Are there any other alternative ways to stay fit and getting stronger? What if at this stage of your life you are not able to afford yourself a gym membership?

Here I have a solution!


Calisthenics is a physical activity performed mostly outdoors in the parks or other sports grounds. It came from sports, which is now known as Street Workouts. Street Workouts became super popular in the United States, Russia and other European countries.

The main philosophy of Calisthenics is that you don't need machines or gym memberships to get yourself a strong and good-looking body. The things you need are your own bodyweight, the ground, a pull-up bar and parallel bars, which can be found anywhere outside.

The perfect thing about Calisthenics/Street Workout is that you literally don't need any sum of money to start training right now. Most of you could ask skeptically, what kind of exercises we should perform having such a limited set of equipment? Well, trust me, it's not a matter of how many exercises you will perform, the most important thing is how you will perform them!

Common Calisthenics Exercises

  • pull-ups - the king of all bodyweight exercises, which let almost all the body's muscles engaged in work; the main muscles are lats, biceps, forearms, rear deltoids, muscles of the core etc.

  • push-ups - a great exercises to build a strong chest and triceps

  • dips - more advanced pushing exercises, which will also help you to build a strong chest, triceps and shoulders

  • muscle-ups - an advanced exercise, which combines pull-up and dip movements, and requires a lot of explosive strength

  • squats/lunges - exercises, which are always neglected by the majority of people but still should be done for your legs' muscles development

  • sit-ups/crunches - you should have a strong core, in order to have a progress in other movements too.

There are several types of Street Workouts and each contains its own movements. As a Calisthenics/Street Workout Athlete, I've been doing Strength Street Workouts, which means that my priorities were always basic bodyweight or weighted exercises and endurance sets on the bar. After reading the list of common exercises, you might think that it's not impressive at all and you won't be able to get a strong and ripped body just doing "some pull-ups and sit-ups". Well, trust me, if you use your imagination and combine all these exercises in some long and crazy routines (how lots of people and I have been doing for years), it will bring you to a whole new level of strength, and your body will transform drastically.

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