Training During the COVID-19 Pandemic or How to Stay Fit During The Lockdown

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

A new type of acute respiratory syndrome, more known as a novel coronavirus (COVID-19), has come to our lives all of sudden and rapidly spread all over the world. Not only its appearance put governments of all countries at a loss, but also messed up a lot people’s plans and even took a lot of innocent people’s lives.

The only way to stop (or at least slow down) the ranging pandemic was a lockdown and quarantine. That were the exact measures taken by almost all countries. Amusement parks, restaurants, public places, tourist attractions started to being closed one after another. Gyms, workout studios and CrossFit boxes were not an exception too. Under these crazy conditions, when it feels that your life is falling apart, people are made to be sitting at home and there’s no even slightest idea of when everything will go back to normal, how are we supposed to keep ourselves positive and, what’s even more important, how should we stay fit and keep being as active as possible?

Lockdown? Closed gyms? Closed everything? Let’s be honest, that’s not something that most of us has ever experienced even once in our lives before. So, logically, at first it takes some time to get used to it. But this is a very hard process, especially for people whose life’s routine was connected with fitness or any kind of outdoors activities. For the first several days it might feel super comfortable to finally have some time off, stay home, do nothing, lay on the sofa, watch a TV and just be lazy. So-called “plug out”, the thing a lot of busy people and perfections usually forget to do. But after one week of idling one’s time, a lot of people happened to get trapped by this kind of lifestyle. People who used to go the gym on the daily basis start to gradually lose their motivation, consume a lot of bad food and make excuses to not workout. Considering that it’s fairly impossible to move as much as you did before the lockdown, such kind of a lifestyle will inevitably lead to gain loss and gaining fat.

So, how to prevent all those things from becoming a sad reality? Here I’ll share some of my experience!


Honestly, I know that when you’re locked down at home, it feels much better to eat some chips, sushi, fries, drink some alcohol or sugary beverages, watch a good movie and just relax. We’re all humans and its okay to do it sometimes but under these conditions it can easily become a bad habit. Once it does, you’re in big trouble, because it takes a lot of time and efforts to build a perfect body and keep that form but at the same time it’s super easy to lose those gains due to lack of discipline. So, if you happened to be locked down at home you should be aware of what you can do as you're limited to the amount you can move around. You won’t be able to use the same amount of energy as when you were somewhere outside.

So, the first thing you need to pay attention to is to eat clean such as:

  • Consume more high-quality proteins (chicken breast, low-fat beef, fish, whey protein, egg whites etc)

  • Eat “good carbs” (vegetables; brown rice; whole fruits like apples, bananas and strawberries; beans; nuts; sweet potatoes etc)

  • Stay away from “bad carbs” (sugary drinks, fruit juices, white bread, ice cream, candies and chocolate, junk food such as chips, fries, burgers etc)

Remember that nothing can replace nutrition.

Without protein, muscles deteriorate, recovery slows and without carbs (it’s obvious that we’re talking about “good” ones) you will feel a lack of energy. Since you’re locked up at home and don’t move much, you always can be light on your carbs but that depends on your daily activity.


I know lots of people who just stopped training after the virus outbreak. There was always the same set of excuses: no equipment, no ability to do exercises and they usually do etc.

Well, one saying goes:

Where there’s a Will, there’s a Way.

Certainly, your home workouts will differ a lot from those you used to have before but you should understand one very important thing: the harder you workout at home, even with limited equipment, the easier it will be for you to get back to the gym when it’s finally opened.

With that being said, here are a few things you CAN DO AT HOME:

  • Stretching (use resistance band to do shoulder mobility exercises and do whole body stretching at least ones a day)

  • Start doing calisthenics bodyweight exercises, such as different variations of push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, planks, squats, lunges etc. You can even use a resistant band for biceps curls, triceps extensions, shoulder workouts etc.

  • Try to order some necessary equipment on the Internet (in our era of computer technologies there’s almost nothing you cannot order on the Internet. Try to look for some dumbbells or even barbell with plates. But the thing I’d like to recommend you the most is pull-ups/dips station. Super convenient for doing all kinds of upper-body workouts.

  • No running – no problem (if you don’t have a treadmill at home and you’re not able to go out and run, try to replace it with some HIIT (high intensity interval training) or Tabata. You can add burpees at your training routine too! Trust me, after 40 min of doing these exercises with no rest, you will be sweating even more than after treadmill run.


That’s totally okay to follow the world’s news and be aware of the things that are going on but it’s too easy to find yourself overwhelmed with false and negative information swarming on the Internet, especially at times like this.

So the thing you should do is feed yourself with positive and motivational stuff. Don’t waste your time and energy on flicking through all kinds of media talking about how bad COVID-19 is and how many lives it’s already taken. Find some motivational training videos, start learning new things, write your long-term goals that you want to achieve and etc.

The importance of information you feed your mind with, can be compared with your daily nutrition routine. In short, if you eat junk food and drink alcohol, you won’t feel any energy to train. Your progress and muscle recovery will be drastically slowed down. The same thing with your mind. If you poison your mind with some negative things, you will be upset and not productive all the time. If you feed your mind with positive thoughts and don’t stop learning, then you’ll be full of motivation and energy to create something new and develop yourself.

Just remember that no matter what situation you’re in right now, everything eventually depends only on one thing – how bad do you want it?

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