The most common mistakes made when traveling or going on a business trip is that they view travel days as “cheat days” and allow themselves to slack on their regular training regimen as well as eating whatever they want. But they don’t understand that it’s super easy to lose some gains and even get fat if you don’t stick to your routine. Of course, if we’re talking about travel, it’s definitely a time to relax and relieve yourself from the pressure but in order to stay fit, you can follow these 3 simple rules.


Try to stay as active as possible. If you have enough time, you can look for a local gym near the place you're staying, which can provide you with “pay-per-training”. (If you have gym in the hotel, it makes things even easier). But if there’s not a gym around and you have a very busy schedule, you still can spend 20-30 minute to kick start or finish your day in the hotel room and have some short endurance training. Self-discipline will also let you feel more energetic and productive during the day.


Well, I understand that traveling is all about beautiful sights and delicious foods (not always healthy, though) And it’s perfectly okay to let yourself have a rest, after all we’re all humans. But don’t forget about your purpose and about all that time you’ve already spent training and dieting to reach your goals.

With that being said, try to have at least one healthy meal per day, don’t consume a lot of sugar, be sure that you have enough amounts of protein in each meal in order not to lose muscle. Always stay hydrated.


Don’t let your travel break your regimen of taking supplements. Protein powder, BCAA, aminos, vitamins are the things you should always have with you.

Some of you might wonder, what kind of workouts you can do in the hotel room with zero equipment. Well, I suggest you buying a set of resistance bands before setting off for travel. It’s the best way to train every part of your body, wherever you are at the moment. Biceps, triceps, shoulders, squats, and deadlift. All those movements can effectively be performed with resistance bands. Apart from separately training different muscle groups with resistance band, I highly recommend you to perform some cardio, doing a various mix of burpees, squat jumps, sit-ups etc.

In case you don’t have time to keep your protein intake checked, the easiest way to fix that is to take some protein bars and ready-to-eat chicken breast with you. That will be a great snack or addition to your meal.

Speaking of supplements, of course, none of us will be taking big jars of protein powder and bottles of aminos with them to a business trip or when setting off for a journey. So, the best way to save some space in your luggage and take all required supplements at the same time is to buy several big shakers for powder and a pill case.

We all should have some time off to recover mentally and physically. And traveling is the best way to do so. Don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself, just follow these simple tips, enjoy your trip and stay fit on the go!

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