TOP 3 "BEST SELLERS" in Appliances on AMAZON

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Look, we all know it's already hot and super hot, right? Hot summers and hot drinks... Who drinks hot drinks, unless it's coffee, right? This is not the point but what I'm trying to get at is simple. It'd be nice to get some coke, iced tea or whatever your favorite cold beverage is, put it in the fridge, and take it out ready to drink 20 to 30 minutes later.

That's what we're looking at. Right now, on Amazon, the best Sellers are machines that make your drinks cold and comfort coming in like a sweet and breezy day at a holiday beach resort. We're talking about the portable ice makers to fill your cup with all the ice you could ever need. Freezers to freeze stuff (even that) and more freezers. It's just that time of year. HOTTTT....

Best Seller # 3

It has a Mechanical control with an adjustable thermostat, Mechanical Temperature Adjustment that Ranges From -11. 2' to 8. 6' F

while Featuring a Reversible Door that can Open from Left or Right. Cabinet Dimensions (H x W x D) - 33. 9 x 19. 7 x 18. 5 inches. The Depth W/o Door Handle-21. 3 inch. Depth W/ Door Handle- 21. 3 inch;Approximately 105lbs of food storage

Contains Two Fixed Shelves and a Removable Wire Drawer

Low noise technology and energy efficient

Features safety With child Locks

Full 1-Year (taken from the amazon description page)

Well, Midea is the largest manufacture in the world for home appliances and the top rate manufacturer for fridges. Midea is a big Chinese company based in Foshan China. Midea produces lighting, water appliances, floor care, small kitchen appliances, laundry, large cooking appliances, and refrigeration appliances. It also has a long history in producing home and commercial products in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). In the summer of 2016, Midea made a highly publicized move to acquire German robotics companyKUKA. It is the world's largest producer of robots and appliances.

Best Seller #2

Snow Shop Everything Chest Freezer "Arctic King Freezer"

  • Removable storage basket

  • Easy-access defrost drain

  • Black color goes well in any decor

  • Dimensions: L 24.9" x W 21.7" H 33.5"

  • This higher-energy-efficiency model will use only an estimated 218 kWh a year


The Arctic King Freezer sports a sleek looking matte black exterior, which is becoming an increasingly trendy color that has an understated appearance and fits in beautifully in both newer and older kitchen environments.

The lid has a recessed handle which keeps the look minimalistic and allows for easy opening/closing of the lid. The plain front exterior features an adjustable thermostat to regulate the temperature and a drain cap for defrosting the freezer. Unfortunately, the temperature dial isn’t numbered so it requires some guesswork to set the right temperature, but is simple enough.

Despite its sizable interior, the Arctic King has a rather compact footprint due to its height measuring 28 inches in length, 20.6 inches wide with a height of 33.5 inches. Keep in mind, the freezer requires at least 6 inches of clearance either sides to allow for sufficient ventilation.

There are no wheel castors fitted to the unit, but its lightweight of only 64lbs ensures that its easy to move when you need to transport it. Additionally, it doesn’t have adjustable legs so ensure that you have a flat surface to place it on.

The freezer comes shipped with double-layer packaging which helps protect it against dents and scratches during shipping, which is a pleasing sign.


Inside, there is 5.0 cubic foot of storage space which provides plenty of room to cater for frozen foods storage for small to medium sized families.

Arctic King have included a removable slider-style storage basket as standard which gives you convenient access to frozen foods upon opening the lid.

This model does not feature an interior light, which is a potential downside for use in environments with low lighting such as garages or basements.

Low Maintenance

The low maintenance design ensures this chest freezer is easy to maintain. The easy access drain is accessible at the front and should be used at least yearly to drain the freezer.

Energy Efficiency

This is an Energy Star rated appliance that has an estimated energy draw of 218 kWh which gives it an estimated annual energy costs of $26 per year.

Manual: n/a

Guarantee: 1-year warranty.


The Arctic King Chest Freezer is a hot seller for good reason and is well deserving of a place on anyone’s shortlist who is looking for an affordable, mid-sized chest freezer.

Its sleek looks, lightweight, quiet operation, generously sized interior and low maintenance design make it the ideal choice for apartment dwellers or anyone who requires a freezer with a small footprint that has a sizable storage capacity. The main drawbacks are the lack of interior and exterior lighting so it isn’t the best choice for darker environments.

Best Seller #1

  • DESIGNED FOR CONVENIENCE: Convenient and compact in size, this ice maker looks good on a countertop while producing ice for whenever or wherever you need it

  • LARGE ICE MAKING CAPACITY: Keep the 2 quart water tank filled and this unit will produce 26 pounds of ice in a 24 hour period ; enough to keep drinks cold all day long

  • CARRY HANDLE: Carry handle is attached to the ice maker, making it convenient to move wherever it needs to go

  • SELF CLEANING: Automatic 5 cycle cleaning function makes clean up easy and effortless, allowing for cleaner ice every time

  • ICE BASKET CAPACITY: Stores up to 1. 25 pounds of ice at a time so you can keep your drinks ice cold

  • QUICK FREEZING ICE: Makes 9 small or large cylinder shaped ice cubes in as little as 7 minutes

  • CONTROL PANEL: Simple to understand and illuminated with LED lights, the electronic control panel lets you know when you need to add water, when the ice basket is full and allows you to choose the size of the ice cubes

The capacity of the water tank reservoir is a consideration you need to look out for before making the purchase. This is a great ice maker with a larger 3-quarts water tank, you don’t have to refill it frequently. It has a control panel that allows for easy operation. The LED lights perfectly illuminate the panel for easy control even during night hours.

In addition to this, the ice maker also has a transparent lid for better viewing of the ice cube capacity. It is a portable ice maker thanks to the lightweight design and carrying handle. Also, the ice cube maker has a capacity of 26 pounds; hence appropriate for serving more users.

In conclusion here, we know it's a hot summer and we need to keep cool and comfortable. Make sure you come back for more suggestions and keep up to date on the latest deals.

If you would like to start sourcing these products for OEM. We can help. We have certified QC personnel on hand to make sure you get the best quality and product for your needs.

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