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Updated: Oct 26, 2019

Growing and using our expertise to help build bigger and better businesses. You'll definitely like what we're doing to keep you and your business safe from the unexpected.

Major Changes Coming

Here's to letting everyone in on our secret. We've been working with businesses small to large. Building their ecommerce platforms, setting up their Amazon accounts, pages, supply chain, shipment and branding strategies. These companies are making it big. Amazon has been the go to platform for most people that would love to see their business grow.

Changes that will Be Coming:

  • Approval Stamp by Global Aim

  • List of inspected factories, businesses and services

  • World News as well as collaborations with other sites to make sure you're getting rich content and scoop on what's really going on (because companies do pay for fake authorizations through sites like alibaba, aliexpress, global sources and more...)

  • Product reviews

  • Easier Ordering for wholesale and custom orders

  • more...

Adding More Solutions for You

We know that this day and age, information and products are more easily accessed via online. It's very important to remember that just because you see a nice site or products, YOU DO NEED TO BE CAREFUL & EXERCISE CAUTION!!! Sites like Alibaba, Aliexpress, DH Gate and more are NOT ALWAYS YOUR FRIENDS. They only care about the numbers and they'll do everything they can to keep your Dollar. They'll tie it up for months on end and make sure you forget about it.

So with that being said, we take care of it for you. Some solutions that we're implementing are as follows:

1. Communication: Sourcing & Advice

2. Trip Arrangement (if needed): Visas, hotels, guide, and translations

3. Order Confirmation: Samples, invoices and deposits

4. Quality control and Shipment

5. Balance Payments & Documents

6. After-sale services


Are you looking for products in China, Korea, Vietnam or elsewhere? Great. We provide free product sourcing services according to your requirements. Using our large network of suppliers, we can quickly find products that you would like to import. Send us your detailed inquiry and we will do the best.

Quality Control

We're your eyes, ears and everything for you during the manufacturing and buying process. We have experienced & qualified QC teams all over the place ready to make sure you get exactly what it is you are paying for. Our QC team provides pre-shipment inspection, factory auditing, post production inspection and much much more.

Designing, Branding & Repacking

We can help you design your artwork, make your own brand, change packaging, and customize labels. We make sure your ideas become reality.

Shipping & Cargo

Global freight and shipping services to any port you want. Air freight, drop shipping. We offer you the best competitive prices available.

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