Every business is different. Every business has it owns needs based on its location(s), customer's it serves, competition, etc. The core component of any marketing strategy is to understand where the problem lies in past efforts and to create a flexible strategy, based on past and present data, that is monitored and updated to capitalize on maximum effort.

PPC, SEO, Mobile Marketing, SMS Marketing, Yup, welcome to 2017. The world is embracing digital marketing faster than the average consumer is using and adopting a smart phone. The game in digital marketing is the same as it is in traditional marketing: get the maximum amount of the right eyeballs looking at your ad, at offers they just can't say no to.

Two very important things to remember with social marketing 1) Compelling/Useful content 2) Timing, literally. Marketing via social media is the best way you can strengthen your existing customer base. Use social marketing to stay on top of people's minds by being helpful and/or entertaining, rather than constantly promoting your product.  

We work with companies to figure out new sales opportunities and then work diligently to create a program that is scalable. Our goal is to work as your Sales R&D Team - if we fail, we try again. When we succeed, we make sure it's a sales process that you can implement into your organization seamlessly.

Once we help you with identifying the geographic regions in which you can find your target customers we can put you in touch with Guerrilla Marketing companies which can put your messages in places others haven't yet. From Door to Door distribution to branded sailboats to branding Laundromats. We have ways to get to your customers that you haven't even thought of yet.

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